Finals week. It is a stressful time.

**Hours during Finals Week**

It is best to tackle it with a game plan. Make sure to:

  1. Get your meals in. You can’t run a car on an empty tank.
  2. Water intake. With already being stressed as it is with finals week, being dehydrated is not going to help. Make sure that you carry around your water bottle. There are various water fountain refill locations around campus.
  3. Take breaks. Overdoing it is not good. Taking a break to “reset” can help in clearing your head and getting ready for round 2!
  4. Get in some type of fresh air and sunlight. I know, sunlight in Alaska? But take advantage of the sunlight when you can. Putting a happy light close to you can be helpful.
  5. When in doubt, ask for help!!! Finals week is a hectic time, and we at UAA are here to help!

Finals Week | College Admission at Loyola