ChatGPT: New Year, new technology

Many of the librarians at the Consortium Library are experimenting with new technology in the new year, including ChatGPT and DALL∙E 2 by OpenAI.

Launched publicly at the end of 2022, these new artificial intelligence (AI) systems are useful in a variety of ways.

ChatGPT is a chatbox, so you can use it to ask questions, such as “Explain quantum computing in simple terms” or “Got any creative ideas for a 10-year old’s birthday?”

It does have limitations, including that it may generate incorrect information.

DALL∙E 2 can create art and images from a description in natural language. Here is one example:

A librarian typed the prompt “Recreation in Alaska in the style of romanticism” in DALL∙E 2 and it generated four images, including this one:


AI systems have professional applications at our institutions, as demonstrated by UAA’s Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics and AI and this APU-affiliated study published on AI’s role in sustainable development.

The question that librarians are asking is how and when is it appropriate for students to use AI systems in academic works?

All of us in the UAA/APU community should refer to UAA’s policies on Academic Integrity and the UAA Student Code of Conduct or the APU Student Handbook before using AI systems in any materials eventually submitted in assignments, exams, or other academic work, including work intended to be independent.

Unsure if using AI systems is ok for your assignment? Ask! Please ask your professors or instructors to clarify appropriate use and guidance on using AI systems for your academic work to avoid unintentional academic dishonesty.