International Nurses Day

Florence Nightingale made a difference in the world of nursing and health. She started by volunteering at hospitals in 1850 and worked her way up to being a hospital manager. In 1854 the Crimean War started, and the mortality rate of injured soldiers was significantly high. She was able to provide clean environments, fruit and water for the soldiers and by doing so decreased the mortality rate by more than half. Florence Nightingale - Wikipedia

Florence Nightingale started the first nursing school, Nightingale Nursing School in 1860. In addition to putting together an astonishing school, she wrote reports and books on her work. She emphasized that it was essential in building a trusting relationship with patients. It is in her footsteps that we celebrate nurses and the healthcare that they provide.

International Nurses Day 2022: How the Nurses Community Have Been A  Backbone To The Medical Community, Especially During The Times Of A Global  Healthcare Crisis, ET HealthWorld